Get Mexican Passports In The U.S.

If you are a Mexican Citizen,¬†is it now possible to get a Mexican Passport without leaving the United States. The Mexican Government saw a need for this service, and has created a much easier process for its citizens to get their passports. If you don’t have a birth certificate, all you have to do is visit the nearest Mexican consulate in your state. There you will be able to apply for a copy of your birth certificate. After you receive that birth certificate, you can then use it to apply for a passport at the same consulate office.


Get Mexican Birth Certificates From Consulates In the U.S.

Starting January 15, 2015,  Mexican immigrants living in the U.S. can now get copies of their birth certificates here. The Mexican Government has just announced a program that allows Mexican immigrants to get their birth certificates at Mexican Consulates throughout the United States. This will make it easier for Mexican immigrants to apply for work permits and the New York  Identification Card. It can also make it easier, to get driver licenses for those who live in states like California, who issue licenses to immigrants without green cards.