Instructions to make appointments           

Making an appointment is a five step process. Therefore, I recommend that you read the instuctions below first.

 Below are the steps you have to complete in order to schedule an appointment.<

  1. Select Service: You will have to pick one of the three choices below –
    New Applicant
    New Applicant with ASL Interpreter
    or Application Denied – 2nd Submission.
  2. Select Site : Here you will find the Enrollment Center where you wish to apply. You can use a map that is provided to find the Enrollment Center near your home. A list of the locations can be viewed here.
  3. Select Date : You can select a date from the small calender that is provided. Just click on the box to view the calender. Some dates are already booked or the center might be closed, so keep searching until you find an available date.
  4. Find Time Slots: After picking a date, you will be provided with the available time slots to choose from.
  5.  Select/Enter Other Information: You will then have to provide your first and last names. The other information such  as phone number, email address, affiliation or special instuctions are not required. However, if you want to receive an email confirming you appointment, then you must provide an email address.

    To make an appointment
    you can visit the official City of New York website at: